H3 – Pavadentro

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Thermally broken washer, nylon plug with nylon pin (hammer action) fixings to anchor internal wall insulation systems for solid masonry substrate.


Application – H3 Universal anchor, hammer-in, with plastic injection element, flexible washer and European Technical Assessment

Technical Data

Anchor diameter – 8mm

Washer diameter – 60mm

Drill hole depth h1 ≥ 35 mm

Embedment depth hef ≥ 25 mm

Point thermal transmission 0.000 W/K

European Technical Assessment ETA-14/0130

A broad range of accessories is available for the EJOT H3 product group: EJOT combi washer VT 90 and SBL 140 plus

Length. [mm] Thread Diameter  [mm] Washer Diameter  [mm] Drive System Box Contents [units] Masonry Embedment [mm]
75 -175 with the increment of 20mm 8 60 Hammer-in anchor 100 35


Dimensions 240 x 60 x 6 cm


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