Chalkhill (Hot) Lime Mortar

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Ecolime Hot Lime Mortar

25kg Bag

Standard Hot Lime Mortar mix is a 3:1 Hybrid using 1 part crushed limestone, 1 part sharp sand, 1 part soft sand in a hot lime mix that works out as a 3:1 mix once the Quick lime has turned in to putty in the mix. This lime mortar mix suits the vast majority of applications for pointing, building or plastering. It dries to a light cream / beige colour.

Our Hot Lime Mortars are produced from our own unique Blends of aggregates with hot lime that have been researched and developed over the years.

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Hot Lime Mortar Uses:

Building – Hot Lime Mortar ideal laying brick or stone
Pointing / Re-Pointing
Internal or External Plastering/Rendering

Weight 25 kg

1 Bag – 25kg, 10 Bags – 250kg, 15 Bags – 375kg, 20 Bags – 500kg, 25 Bags – 625kg, 30 Bags – 750kg, 35 Bags – 875kg, 40 Bags – 1000kg Pallet, 5 Bags – 125kg, 500 Litre Crate – 1000kg


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