Fine Finish Plaster 2:1 Mix. 25kg x 20 Bags

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Ecolime Finish Plaster Half Pallet 25kg x 20 Bags
Ecolime Finish Plaster is produced to the cleanest & highest standards. The top coat finish has to be free from all imperfections. Using our fine putty and a super fine silica sand on a 1:1 mix this produces a very smooth finish ready to take a lime wash or other breathable colouration. Also available in a 2:1 Mix which offers a more rustic finish which is ideal for external use.

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Top Coat Finish Plaster
Internal Or External Use
Ideal base for lime washes, clay paints
Available in Rustic Mix (2:1) to give a more grainy finish
Eco Credentials

1000Kg of modern mortar (made from Portland cement powder) produces 172Kg of CO2
1000Kg of lime mortar (made from lime putty) produces 19Kg of CO2
During hardening, lime mortar absorbs much more CO2 making lime mortar 90% cleaner than modern mortar.


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