Conservation Filler – 1 Litre

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Ecolime Conservation Filler is a specially developed filler made entirely from natural lime & aggregates. Primarily a crack filler and gap stopper. It is lime based and breathable.

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Patching cracks upto 2 mm in single application
Stopping Gaps upto 5 mm with 2 – 3 applications
Specifically designed to work with lime-based plasters
Ideal for gypsum repairs providing a near invisible finish when repainted
Eco Credentials

1000Kg of modern mortar (made from Portland cement powder) produces 172Kg of CO2
1000Kg of lime mortar (made from lime putty) produces 19Kg of CO2
During hardening, lime mortar absorbs much more CO2 making lime mortar 90% cleaner than modern mortar.
Carbon Dioxide Facts

As our conservation filler contains no resins, plastics, or other synthetic elements & compounds, it reflects the same frequency of light as the substrate material it is repairing. On modern repairs (once painted), it produces no “flashing” or “shine through” unlike many of the fillers available at DIY stores. This is a must try for decorators.

In addition to being more compatible with your existing plaster, the eco credentials are high due to it being made with only natural elements.

How to Apply
Clear any loose material from the surface you are repairing
Lightly moisten the area with a water spray bottle
Apply a very thin layer over the repair area, use a credit card or flexible wall-paper scraper to work the material into the void you are repairing
As the filler dries, wipe of the excess with a sponge. This should produce a smooth and flush repair
Repeat the process for larger repairs (Above 2mm), building layers until the damage is completely filled

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