Geocell Foam Glass 1m3

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Geocell Foam Glass is used in the LABC approved flooring system with membranes, and a lime crete slab made from a 2 part sharp sand, and one part Secil NHL 5. You can also incorporate under floor heating systems with this.

Foam glass insulation aggregate (or gravel) by GEOCELL® is extremely versatile because of its unique characteristics of light weight, load bearing, draining and insulating properties.
Foamed glass aggregate is a sustainable replacement building material in:

  • GlassCrete (limecrete) Floors
  • Floor slabs
  • Green roofs and landscaping (lightweight fill material)
  • Slope stabilization
  • Vaults
  • Sports turf
  • Backfilling of pools
  • Garden decoration

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Below is a table comparing some of the specifications of different foam glass brands.

It is important to understand that since the compressive strength of standard subsoil is around 200 kN/m², this is the limiting factor, not the compressive strength of the foam glass itself. Given that the foam glass has a higher compressive strength than the soil it is resting on, we consider the important value is the Lambda value, which is a measure of thermal conductivity. The lower the figure, in W/mK, the better the insulation capability of the foam glass. Click on the table for a full pdf.

Geocell Comparison

Foam Glass Comparison Table

GEOCELL® foam glass aggregate is an insulation material for underground structures. Foamed glass aggregate saves energy and contributes to a comfortable indoor environment. It is both economical and environmentally sound.

Foamed glass insulation aggregate is used in the same way as coated clay aggregate, but is capable of being used as a load bearing hardcore. It also offers better insulation (lambda/k value = 0.08 – approximately 20% better in thermal performance than lightweight expanded clay aggregate). It therefore needs less depth for a similar thermal performance.


the large number of enclosed cells in each foam glass pellet, ensures excellent insulation characteristics. lambda = 0.08 w/mK.


due to its glass cell structure, GEOCELL® provides excellent compressive strength.


cellular glass is comprised of internal closed cells that do not absorb water. Classified as an A1 building material.


stability, durability, resistance against insects and rodents.


made from 100% recycled glass inert and essentially pH-neutral.


CE mark: GEOCELL® declaration that the product meets the requirements of the applicable EC directives.


GEOCELL® is quicker to install than conventional methods cutting construction time and cost.

The selection of appropriate insulation material is especially crucial in old buildings. GEOCELL® foam glass combines a drainage layer and insulation in a single product, thus reducing building height. Moreover, GEOCELL® is diffusible, an important property for an insulating material when humidity is an issue. Suitable for thermal insulation under the foundation slab of single/multi family houses, production halls, schools, swimming pools etc.

GEOCELL® is completely unaffected by water and environmentally green. GEOCELL® is made from waste glass that can be reused or recycled at any time.

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