NHL 3.5 & NHL 5 Hydraulic Lime Mortar – Oxford Brown 25kg

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NHL 3.5 or NHL 5 Hydraulic Lime Mortar – Oxford Brown
Hydraulic Lime Mortar (HLM 3.5)is used for permeable masonry materials. Mainly used above ground for bricks, facings, commons, block work, bedding, sandstone, limestone, flint, and terracotta. Used on both cavity and solid walls, pointing and re-pointing.

Hydraulic Lime Mortar (HLM 5) is commonly used for the foundations of buildings, coastal locations, or for parapets, coping’s and chimneys in external areas.

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Hydraulic Lime Mortar –  Oxford Brown



A drum mixer will provide adequate mixing. Water must be clean and free from organic matter, tap water is ideal. Use 4-5 litres of water for each 25kg bag of dry material, depending on the consistency of the mix. Record water addition and maintain throughout the mixing period. Conduct trials on site to establish workability and colour. Measure dosage of water per 25kg bag. Contact us for more information.

Weight 25 kg

1 Bag – 25kg, 10 Bags – 250kg, 15 Bags – 375kg, 20 Bags – 500kg, 25 Bags – 625kg, 30 Bags – 750kg, 35 Bags – 875kg, 40 Bags – 1000kg Pallet, 5 Bags – 125kg


NHL 3.5, NHL 5


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