Unity Ashlar Hot-Lime Mortar 10 Liter Tub

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A fine grain Hot-lime mortar for building and pointing tight joints in brick or stone.

Our Unity Hot-Lime Ashlar mortar is perfect for laying bricks and cut stone on a tight bed of thin mortar, or for pointing up tight joints in brick arches. This mortar is generally suitable for joints of between 2 and 5mm, for both renovation and new build, and only requires re-mixing on site.
With the addition of a pozzolan this can be made into a FHL (Formulated Hydraulic Lime) to give a little quicker set time, and strength. please ask us for details, and pozzolan mix ratios.

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Simply re-work the mortar either with a paddle mixer for 1-2 minutes in a clean bucket, or in a clean drum mixer for 5-10 minutes.
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Lime mortars start to set once the water comes away and allows the carbon dioxide to react (carbonation) which is a slower process than sand and cement mixes, or hydraulic lime mixes. Prevent rapid drying by protecting the mortar against the effects of drying winds, strong sunlight, rain and frost with mortar fleece or hessian. Bricks, or stone must be wet down first to control the suction, and stop the Ashlar mortar drying out to quickly, in warm weather gently mist spray with water after application and cover if required with damp hessian sheets. In cool weather cover fresh mortar with protective sheeting to help avoid frost damage. Do not allow freshly mortar to freeze after laying until it has dried and gained strength.

Weight 18 kg

1 Bag – 25kg, 10 Bags – 250kg, 15 Bags – 375kg, 20 Bags – 500kg, 25 Bags – 625kg, 30 Bags – 750kg, 35 Bags – 875kg, 40 Bags – 1000kg Pallet, 5 Bags – 125kg, 500 Litre Crate – 1000kg


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