Chalkhill (Hot) Lime Mortar

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Hot Lime mortars are non-hydraulic, mortars perfect for pointing and building with softer stones, and bricks.

The softer mortar has a higher porosity, and better flexibility than hydraulic mortar, as is relies solely on natural carbonation.

These come pre-mixed wet, and ready to use, all you need to do is rework them.

You can also turn these into a hydraulic mortar by the addition of a pozzolan. This then turns the mortar to an FHL

(Formulated hydraulic lime) as oppose to an NHL (natural hydraulic lime)

The use of FHL has been around since the Romans who used volcanic ash to formulate the lime when building the colosseum, this adds extra strength to the mortar, but does slightly lower the breathability, and flexibility. By increasing the amount of pozzolan added to the mortar will increase the mortars strength, and breathability. This enables you to use the same mortar for several different applications where the strength, and a better weather resistance is needed.


Ecolime Hot Lime Mortar

25kg Bag

Prices as low as £140 per tonne when ordering in bulk

Standard Hot Lime Mortar mix is a 3:1 Hybrid using 1 part crushed limestone, 1 part sharp sand, 1 part soft sand in a hot lime mix that works out as a 3:1 mix once the Quick lime has turned in to putty in the mix. This lime mortar mix suits the vast majority of applications for pointing, building or plastering. It dries to a light cream / beige colour.

Our Hot Lime Mortars are produced from our own unique Blends of aggregates with hot lime that have been researched and developed over the years.

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Hot Lime Mortar Uses:

Building – Hot Lime Mortar ideal laying brick or stone
Pointing / Re-Pointing
Internal or External Plastering/Rendering



Laying bricks approx 1kg per brick (aprrox 18m2 per tonne single skin only)

Re-pointing brick work aprrox 1.70m2 per 25kg, 1.4m2 per 10ltr tub, and 70m2 per tonne. (based on 10mm joint at 30mm depth)

Re-pointing, or laying stone please contact as joints are too variable to give estimates. Photos can be emailed to for estimates to be given.

Plastering/Rendering aprrox 1.25m2 per 25kg, 1.0m2 per 10ltr tub, and 50m2 per tonne. (based on 10mm applications)





Weight 25 kg

1 Bag – 25kg, 10 Bags – 250kg, 15 Bags – 375kg, 20 Bags – 500kg, 25 Bags – 625kg, 30 Bags – 750kg, 35 Bags – 875kg, 40 Bags – 1000kg Pallet, 5 Bags – 125kg, 500 Litre Crate – 1000kg


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