Earthborn Wall Glaze 750ml, or 2.5ltr

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Provides a washable, breathable protective glaze when applied on top of Earthborn Claypaint. It can also be used before painting to stabilise powdery interior surfaces.
Earthborn Wall Glaze is a water-based, transparent glaze for interior use. It provides a washable, breathable protective glaze for walls painted with Earthborn Claypaint and Earthborn Ecopro Matt Emulsion. It can be used as a stabiliser on powdery coatings. Mixed with Earthborn Pigment it is suitable for all broken work (e.g. sponging, marbling, wood-graining) or as a colour wash.
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Where to use Interior Walls
Substrate Plaster, lime, brick
Preparation The surface should be smooth, clean, dust/grease free, absorbent and dry. Previously glossed or varnished surfaces must be thoroughly sanded prior to application.
Application Stir thoroughly before use.
Stabiliser: Can be used to stabilise previous powdery coatings e.g. lime wash, distemper (recommend ratio 1 part Wall Glaze to 1 part water).
Glaze: Seal and protect painted surfaces with a mix of water and Earthborn Wall Glaze (recommended ratio 1 part Wall Glaze to 3 parts water).
Broken colour work: Make a solution of Earthborn Pigment by adding approximately 100ml of water to the desired quantity of Pigment and leave to soak for up to 30 minutes. Mix the resultant solution with more water if necessary and then add Earthborn Wall Glaze (recommended ratio 1 part Wall Glaze to 4 parts solution). Apply to surface using sponge, brush or other desired technique.
Colour wash: Mix Earthborn Wall Glaze and Pigment using the proportions and method described for Broken Colour Work. Spread the resultant colour wash onto a dry base coat of emulsion with a brush or a natural sponge and blend, if desired, using a dry paintbrush. Work diagonally starting in a top corner. For best results apply more than one colour wash, varying the colour as desired.
Tools Roller, brush, sponge
Tin size 750ml & 2.5 ltr
Colours Clear
Finish Low Sheen
Coverage 50 m2 per litre
Drying time Dependent on internal temperature, humidity and the amount of water added to the Wall Glaze


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