Fassa Silicate Paint P313, 5 or 14 ltr

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Silicate paints are durable, highly breathable paints perfect for lime plasters, and lime renders. For internal, or external use.

Fassa P313 comes in a range of colours; please call for sample swatches, or purchase colour sample pots to ensure the colour is correct.


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FASSIL P 313 is a silicate water paint made from stabilized and water repellent potassium silicate, with very high
It is a paint with mineral appearance compliant with standard DIN 18363 (synthetic component below 5%) and
compatible with normal finish coat plasters with high resistance against weathering and ultraviolet rays. The nature of
the raw materials used allows to protect the base coat plaster adequately, maintaining the breathability of the

FASSIL P 313 is used as protective and decorative, white and coloured paint on exterior and interior finish coat

Surface preparation
The surface to be painted must be free of dust and dirt. Any traces of oil, grease, wax etc. must be removed
Before applying FASSIL P 313 paint, wait at least 28 days after application of the finish coat plaster.
Before applying the paint, it is always recommended to apply FASSIL F 328 silicate primer, average dilution in water
1:1, to ensure a uniform colour and low sheen.
The silicate coating cycle must NEVER be applied on old paint, as the chemical reaction involving adhesion to the
surface due to the formation of calcium silicate will not occur, and consequently the silicate paint may detach.


Specific weight approx. 1.470 kg/l
Consumption approx. 160-200 g/m² per coat on FASSIL F 328
(0.11-0.14 I/m²)
Yield approx. 3.5-4.5 m2/l for finished work (2 coats)
Water vapour diffusion (DIN 53122) approx. 370 g/m2 in 24 hours
Water vapour diffusion resistance factor
(DIN 52615)
μ = approx. 300
Water absorption coefficient (DIN 52617) w = approx. 0.10 kg/(m2 ·h½)
Equivalent air layer thickness
(DIN 18550)
Sd = μ·s = approx. 0.06 m
(calculated with s = 0.2·10-3 m)
Conforms to the Kuenzle theory (DIN 18550) Sd·w = approx. 0.006 kg/(m·h½)
Chalk resistance
(ASTM-D 659)
600 hours of UV/condensation
Scrub resistance
(DIN 53778)
2,000 cycles
Compliant with Italian leg. decree no.161 of 27/03/2006 (approximation of Directive 2004/42/EC)


Dilution of FASSIL P 313 by weight with water, first coat up to 30%, second coat up to 20%, if applied by brush. Apply
the 2 coats in opposite directions at least 8 hours apart.
It can be applied by brush or by wool roller (preferably short-napped). It is suggested to apply the product by brush to
avoid possible roller marks.
• Avoid application at temperatures below +5°C or above +30°C and relative humidity above 75%, otherwise the
chemical reaction involving adhesion to the surface due to the formation of calcium silicate will not occur, and
consequently the material may detach and more or less visible stains can appear when applying coloured products.
• Avoid application on facades in full sunlight or with strong winds.
• Only apply FASSIL P 313 on cured and dry plaster, so as to assist the silicatization mechanism.
• Do not apply FASSIL P 313 on surfaces that have previously been painted with synthetic products.
• Exterior facades treated with FASSIL P 313, during application and on the days after drying, must be protected
against rain, precipitation and high atmospheric relative humidity (fog) as this may lead to phenomena of “streaking”,
stains, colour alterations, etc.
• Medium/dark tints may in certain cases see alterations in the colour tone due to the characteristics of the mineral
• Use all the material necessary for the work from the same batch.
FASSIL P 313 should only be used in its original state, without the addition of other materials, except for
dilution with water.
• Containers of approx. 5 and 14 l
• Colour shades: see Colour Chart
Protect from frost. Store at temperatures above +5ºC and below +30ºC. If stored in a suitable place in its original
packaging the material will last for 12 months.
FASSIL P 313 undergoes accurate and continuous checks in our laboratories. The raw materials used are carefully
selected and checked.


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