5 Litre (Old White) Lime Wash

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5 Litre (Old White) Lime Wash.
Looking for High Quality Lime Wash? Ecolime offer a selection of the best products for Lime Wash Finishing.
Eco Lime wash is a traditional paint for decorating and protecting  stonework  and lime surfaces including lime render. Lime wash is a breathable coating that unlike a paint is built up over several coats to achieve the colour and texture of finish required. A key difference between lime wash and paint is that lime wash sinks into the material it is applied to. Lime wash is made from lime putty which has been through our maturing process.

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5 Litre (Old White) Lime Wash

Lime Wash 5 Litre is produced from our ultra fine microlime powder. As a finishing product the key component must be of the highest quality and free from foreign objects and impurities. With just the right balance of water added, this makes a rich lime wash which will cover evenly.

Lime Wash 5 Litre

  • Finishing For Plaster or Render
  • Internal Or External Use
  • Houses, Out Buildings, Walls, Garden Features
  • Standard White, and other colours available

Eco Credentials

  • 1000Kg of modern mortar (made from Portland cement powder) produces 172Kg of CO2
  • 1000Kg of lime mortar (made from lime putty) produces 19Kg of CO2
  • During hardening, lime mortar absorbs much more CO2 making lime mortar 90% cleaner than modern mortar.

It is generally regarded that lime washes should be 1 part lime to 2 parts water, and we produce ours to the same ratios, this represents good value when buying our products and means that you’re able to dilute our lime wash where necessary, such as your 1st coat.


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