Eco Lime Lime Putty

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20 Kg Bag of Lime Putty.
Perfect putty every time…Our unique, specially developed slaking system allows us to make consistently perfect putty, free from impurities and contamination. A highly refined chalk based putty. Ecolime Putty is slaked from finely ground particles (90 microns – less than 1/10th of a millimetre) producing a smooth putty that requires no sieving.

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Lime Wash
Lime Plasters & Renders
Fine Finish Plaster
Lime Mortar (Re-Pointing or Building)

Eco Credentials

1000Kg of modern mortar (made from Portland cement powder) produces 172Kg of CO2
1000Kg of lime mortar (made from lime putty) produces 19Kg of CO2
During hardening, lime mortar absorbs much more CO2 making lime mortar 90% cleaner than modern mortar.

Carbon Dioxide Facts

Because our putty is produced from extremely fine quicklime there are no un-slaked materials within it, therefore it can be used to make any lime based product. This is particularly beneficial for finish coat plaster and running moulds as it creates no “popping”.

Our Lime Putty is the base component for all our natural conservation materials. From our mortars & coarse rendering plasters, to our fine finish plaster, lime paints & lime washes. Only superior, fine putty can be used in finishing products, which makes Ecolime Putty an ideal choice.

Our putty only requires a short ‘leach’ time to let the free water run-off, by which time it is as mature as required for any lime based product or application.

Our unique slaking and storage tank system is fully serviceable unlike many of our competitors. This enables us to keep our production as clean as possible, producing one of the finest & purest putties available today, ready for your use without the need for sieving.

Weight 20 kg

1 Bag – 20kg, 10 Bags – 200kg, 20 Bags – 400kg, 40 Bags – 800kg, 5 Bags – 100kg, 6 Bags – 120kg, 620 Litres – 800kg (Crate), 7 Bags – 140kg, 8 Bags – 160kg, 9 Bags – 180kg


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