Non-Hydraulic Haired Lime Mortar 1 tonne crate

£165.00 (inc VAT £198.00 )

Haired lime mortar is the traditional base coat lime plaster the has been used for millennia.

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A course 3:1 Non-Hydraulic lime mortar with added goats hair for dubbing, and leveling coats.

The Mix contains 3 parts blended, and well graded sand, along with 1 part mature lime putty.


  • base coat lime plaster onto lath.
  • Leveling coat lime plaster.
  • Dubbing coat for stone, or brickwork
  • External render base coats (with use of a Pozzolan)

Non hydraulic plasters and mortars are required to carbonate, this mean it cures by drawing in the CO2.


1 tonne crate

33m2 at 15mm

41m2 at 12mm,

50m2 at 10mm

Our haired Lime Mortar use 2 kg of goat per m3 of mortar. 

You will need to use Haired Lime Mortar needs within 2–3 weeks as the hair will gradually dissolve with the alkalinity of the lime. The mortar is still usable if you tease fresh hair back into it. For this reason please allow 3-4 days for delivery as it is made to order.