Unity AC20

£15.00 (inc VAT £18.00 )

a highly durable insulating lime plaster, that contains no cement or gypsum.


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Unity AC20 is the perfect blend of traditional building materials with modern engineering.

We combine different types of limes and recycled aggregate to give a light weight, and multi functional lime plaster that is easy to use.


Adhesion coat for woodfibre insulation that will do up to 20mm in one application, meaning you can save applying a dubbing coat first in most cases.

base coat for wood fibre boards, applied in a 6mm with a 5mm render mesh embedded into the AC20.

base coat render, up to 20mm per application.

base coat plaster, up to 20mm per application.

insulated mortar for bedding hempcrete blocks.

base coat for wood wool boards applied at only 6mm, allowing less product to be used and a fraction of the weight for ceilings.

Coverage per bag; 

3m2 at 6mm

1.8m2 at 10mm

0.9m2 at 20mm